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Frauke Leitner frauke.leitner at embl.de
Mon Dec 16 09:40:04 GMT 2019

Dear All,

If you have participated in our last TC or read through the minutes, you 
are ware that we as WP3 need to come up with a document to kick off the 
market research beginning of 2020. This document can be found here. 

The beginning summarizes some discussion items and ideas from the 
retreat, and towards the end, first rough ideas for potential OC 
projects are sketched. You are all invited to work on the document, 
commenting on e.g. the relevance of certain sections, if they should be 
kept or discarded, and where to put the focus to make it a concise, 
understandable document we are confident to share with the rest of the 
consortium. Please bring yourself in by *7 January 2020*.

According to our regular time schedule, we would meet again for the next 
WP3 TC on 6 January, but as this a public holiday across many European 
countries, we decided to postpone the meeting by one week.

The next WP3 TC is therefore on *13 January, 2pm. We hope that this fits 
most of you!*



PS: Just FYI, I am on leave from 19 Dec onward. Please get in touch 
before if you want to discuss anything still in 2019! :)

On 12.12.19 09:00, Jose Maria Salvador Carazo wrote:
> Dear Florence (and rest of the partners)
> Really, really, thank you for asking (to have invollved and 
> interesting parters is what we all need)
> Yes, everything went well, and the presence/ideas of Niklas really 
> helped. Perhaps the best account I can give you is  the Flash Report 
> we prepared for the WP Leads meeting yesterday
> https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1qSDTCQqc2XdBIA5IAthyeq0AyybAfwfP 
> and, most specially, the Minutes of our TC that have a link in that file
> YOu will realize that we still have some work ahead of us.......
> Wbw..JM
> On Wed, Dec 11, 2019 at 11:20 AM Florence Bietrix | EATRIS 
> <florencebietrix at eatris.eu <mailto:florencebietrix at eatris.eu>> wrote:
>     Dear Frauke,
>     Dear Jose Maria,
>     I hope this email finds you well.
>     I was wondering how went last week telco for WP3? Again, I am
>     sorry I could not attend.
>     Did you discuss the survey to be filled in by the project partners
>     to get a better understanding on potential projects of interest
>     for the Open calls?
>     Kind regards,
>     Florence
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>     *Subject:* Re: [Eosc-life-wp3] Monthly WP3 TC
>     Hi Jose
>     Nick and I (UNIMAN, WP2) will be at the WP2 face to face
>     All other UNIMAN staff in the project are continuing with
>     industrial strike action
>     https://www.ucu.org.uk/article/10408/UCU-announces-eight-days-of-strikes-starting-this-month-at-60-universities
>     Carole
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>     *Subject:* [Eosc-life-wp3] Monthly WP3 TC
>     Dear Colleagues,
>     According to the schedule we set, we are to have our regular
>     monthly teleconference next Monday, 2nd of December at 14:00 CET.
>     We are indicating below the direct link to the Agenda for the TC,
>     together with the connection details (this month we will be using
>     Instruct GoToMeeting). You can find it, anyway, in the shared WP3
>     folder.
>     https://docs.google.com/document/d/10YJNG-biGYkFwUFEJi_N96ASPGT2zCym/edit
>     Most of the Agenda is related to Open Calls, although in a more
>     general context than in previous occasions.
>     Thanking you in advance...JM, Frauke and Marta
>     -- 
>     Jose Maria Carazo
>     Cell: +34639197980
> -- 
> Jose Maria Carazo
> Cell: +34639197980

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