[Eosc-life-wp3] Accompanying documents of Saturday Minutes

Jose Maria Salvador Carazo carazojms at gmail.com
Tue Sep 17 12:00:37 BST 2019

Dear Colleagues

When I distributed the Minutes of our last TC last Saturday, I made
reference to two documents:

1) A general presentation that Frauke prepared on the logistics of WP3


That on the money assigned to the Open Calls says:

•“WP3 Common pot”, managed by WP Co-leads (50/50):
•Travel costs for OC projects: 12 x 5.000 € = 60.000 €
•Personnel costs: already allocated for demonstrator projects, still part
of common pot for OC projects
•PMs for OC projects: 850.000 € ➜  12 OC projects  (planned) with ∼ 71.000
€ per project
parrtners or applicant, to be selected according to requirements
•Workshop Costs: 8,000.- € per workshop – 3 workshops intended in WP3,
ideas welcome

  2) The document on the OCs that Frauke and me prepared. This is only a
draft, and it would be logical document for all of you to introduce your
comments and suggestions. Please note that we are about 2 weeks for our
next teleconferce, and that we should end that teleconference with a
"consensus document", which will then be presented to the rest of WP
co.Leads even before the Project Retreat (planned for the end of
October)..... this is just an indication of the importance that the project
as a whole attaches to this important OC activity

THe link is:


(I am attaching the file for your convenience, but logically you should
introduce your comments and suggestions at Drive directly)

So, please, plan the next two weeks to review in detail de OC document. We
want to make sure that we collect all your thoughts, and that we will
finnish the next WP3 TC with a consensus document (that may still receive
comments from the rest of the project)

Thank you for your dedication

Jose Maria Carazo
Cell: +34639197980
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