[Eosc-life-wp3] Next WP3 Teleconference. Proposal of a change

Jose Maria Salvador Carazo carazojms at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 15:02:31 BST 2019

Dear Colleagues,

According to the schedule we set, we are to have our regular
monthly teleconference on Monday the 7th of October.

Of course, all these TC's are important, but this is one is specially so.
As you remember, the topic of the TC is to agree within WP3 on the document
of Open Call Guidelines that you can find in the link below


This document will then be presented to the whole project during the
Project Retreat at the end of October

Naturally, it is understood that not all of us will be able to attend every
TC, and even though Frauke and myself  we have been able to attend the two
of us all TC's, there would be times in which only one of us will be able
to attend...... but hopefully not for a so important TC as our next
one!!!!. However, for reasons totally beyond my control and that I could
not have forseen, On Monday the 7th of October I cannot be available, and
for that I would like to ask you, as a favour, whether, for once, we could
change the date of the conference (we have constraints coming from
relationships with other WP's, but would the 9th instead of the 7th -same
time- or earlier on the 4th (10:00) be OK?

Anyway, most specially Open Call co.leads, please go over the document
above, use the "SUGGEST" mode, and edit it, incorporating your views. You
can also leave comments..... Please note that so far no edition or comments
to the document have been made, which obviously defeats our purpose of
making sure we incorporate YOUR views into that document!!!!!

Thanking you in advance...JM
Jose Maria Carazo
Cell: +34639197980
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