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Dear all, 
I will be in Paris january 24th for the PERMIT kickoff meeting. I will also participate to the pseudonymisation workshop and would be happy to join the f2f of WP4.2, if I can be of any help. 

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Dear all, 

As discussed in the EOSC-life WP4 telcon earlier today I would propose to start off with a small working party to discuss the scope of task 4.2 and start preparing for a larger workshop. See also below and attached for a summary that I distributed before. 

The current proposal is to meet f2f with this working group on January 23 rd 13:30-15:30 in Paris on the back of the pseudonimyzation workshop organized by Serena at the same location. 

I currently got the following names for this working group: 

    * EATRIS: Jan-Willem Boiten 
    * ECRIN: Christian Ohmann (Serena: do you want to join as well?) 
    * BBMRI: not entirely clear; Petr Holub and Rudolf Wittner have been volunteered. Still to be confirmed. Perhaps Irene Schluender and Michaela Mayrhofer are interested as well? 
    * Unito: name to be confirmed 
    * Inserm: Isabelle Perseil 

If you are not listed here and would like to participate you are of course more than welcome. Please drop me a note. 

Best regards, 


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Dear all, 

As discussed in our last EOSC-Life WP4 telecon (Nov 8 th ) we would like to start a small working group to spec out the scope of task 4.2 (Policy and guidance on sharing and reusing biomedical research data, images, and samples) with at least representatives of BBMRI, ECRIN, EATRIS and Unito as the participants in this task. However, others interested in this topics are more than welcome to join. Please drop me an e-mail if you want to join . 

I created a first outline for this task and its working group, which can be found attached. Your input into this document would also be appreciated. 

Best regards, 



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