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Dear EOSC-Life colleagues, 

Please note below the message from the FAIRsFAIR project. 

Best regards, 

From: "Rita Meneses" <r.meneses at trust-itservices.com> 
To: "Luc Deltombe" <luc.deltombe at bbmri-eric.eu>, "michael raess" <michael.raess at infrafrontier.eu> 
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Subject: EOSC Life & FAIRsFAIR Deliverables for community review 

Dear Luc, 

Over the last weeks we made available a new section on FAIRsFAIR website, entitled " [ https://www.fairsfair.eu/fairsfair-deliverables-community-review | FAIRsFAIR
          deliverables for community review ] ". 

This section has FAIRsFAIR deliverables related to the FAIR landscape analysis and now open for consultation alongside a vision for the components of a FAIR Ecosystem. Each deliverable listed in the webpage are available for comments through a Google drive version provided. Your feedback and inputs are more than welcome :) Feedback received will inform discussions and further work within FAIRsFAIR as well as collaborations with other relevant projects 

Some documents that are available for comments are: 

    * FAIR requirements for persistence and interoperability 2019 
    * Set of FAIR data repositories features 
    * FAIR Policy Landscape Analysis 
    * FAIR Data Practice Analysis 
    * FAIRsFAIR Policy Enhancement Recommendations 
    * Recommendations on Requirements for Fair Datasets in Certified Repositories 
    * And others ;) 

We are looking forward to receiving your comments and/or your project point of view . In case you need further info, do not hesitate to come back to me. 

Many thanks and kind regards, 

Rita Sofia Meneses
Project Manager - Marketing Analyst and Researcher

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