[Eosc-life-wp4] EOSC-Life WP4 toolbox: next steps

Boiten, Jan-Willem (Lygature) janwillem.boiten at lygature.org
Wed Jun 24 09:18:20 BST 2020

Dear all,

Thanks for participating in last week's teleconference on the development of the EOSC-Life WP4 toolbox. I update the Google document describing the toolbox based on our discussion. The link can be found here:



  *   All: Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments (preferably using "suggestion mode" to make the changes visible).
  *   All: I added the names of the team to the document: please add your name if you want to be involved and are not listed yet
  *   Jan-Willem/Michaela: organize a demo of the BBMRI knowledge base
  *   Jan-Willem/Christian: organize a demo of the RDA DS wizard
  *   Phil/Luca: identify suitable use cases from the open call from WP1/WP2 perspective respectively
  *   Rebecca: organize a usability training
  *   All: identify volunteers for a technical subgroup identifying the right (web)tooling for the toolbox

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