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Jacques DEMOTES-MAINARD jacques.demotes at ecrin.org
Mon Mar 30 11:15:53 BST 2020

Michaela, could we propose a coordinated response from EOSC Life WP4 ?

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Hi Niklas/Regina/all,

@Niklas: thanks for sharing.

Looking at this tender it would typically be something that we should closely link to EOSC-Life WP4, but the selected approach (a tender) may not be very suited for that collaboration. It seems to target one vendor that would respond to this tender. The monetary extent of the tender is still quite significant (100K). Would there be a party in our EOSC-Life community who would be interested to take the lead? I would hate to see when this is done without our involvement, but I do not really feel well-placed myself to respond.

Best wishes,

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Dear Niklas,

Thank you for this interesting link. Is it planned to assemble a team based on the EOSC-Life consortium? Seeing the list of subjects, it may make sense to do so:

• Intellectual Property Rights
• Copyright (limitations and exceptions/ Public Domain issues)
• Patents (linking to open access and open science practices)
• Open Licensing developments
• Tools for facilitating rights clearance and licence interoperability
• Shared data and cross licensing arrangements
• Model Consortium Agreements
• Model FAIR Policies at national and institutional level
• IPR and licensing meta-data standardization practices
• Data Protection and Ethics
• GDPR for researchers and RPOs
• Ethics and Open Science Practices
• Free flow of non-personal data

All the best from the confinement,


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Dear all,

Please see below,

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Hello Niklas Blomberg,

There is a new post named "REMINDER: Open Call for a team of experts to perform a study on legal and regulatory issues related to the application of FAIR principles" that belongs to the EOSC Liaison Platform feed you are subscribed to.
Want to reply? Please login on EOSCsecretariat.eu<http://EOSCsecretariat.eu> and respond via this thread https://www.eoscsecretariat.eu/eosc-liaison-platform/post/reminder-open-call-team-experts-perform-study-legal-and-regulatory-issues.
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Text: <p>The <strong>EOSC FAIR Working Group</strong> is looking for a team of experts to develop and deliver a study on legal and regulatory issues related to the application of FAIR principles across and within different EU jurisdictions. The experts should provide a state-of-the-art analysis on legal and regulatory issues and developments at the EU level, explicitly building on existing research and reports relevant to this study. The final report should provide concrete recommendations for inclusion in the EOSC Interoperability Framework that address and seek to overcome the key legal challenges faced. The study should concentrate particularly on issues of how the application of FAIR principles is enabled or blocked by legal regimes over the EU and across EU Member States. It should also present and analyze issues of legal interoperability between different Member States legal systems and present legal developments that facilitate or hinder the cross-border flow of data i
n the
context of EOSC and in accordance to FAIR principles and practices.</p>

<p>Call opened: <strong>17 March 2020</strong><br />
Deadline for clarification Questions: <strong>14 April 2020</strong><br />
Call closes: <strong>17 April 2020 (12 pm CET)</strong><br />
Period of contract:<strong> 1 May - 28 August 2020</strong></p>

<p><strong>Information and applications here: http://bit.ly/opencall-EOSC-FAIR </strong></p>

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