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Dear all

I acknowledge that you may not all be fully knowledgeable of the  
“Nagoya protocol” and the constrains that it has brought around the  
utilization of genetic resources (GRs) worldwide since it was  
formulated by the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) in 2010 and  
adopted by the EU in 2014. I suppose that you may have heard about the  
intention of some of the parties to incorporate the utilization of  
Digital Sequence Information (DSI) into the Nagoya protocol. In the  
same way there are some inertial feelings by some parties towards  
applying to DSI the same bilateral mechanisms in place for GRs.  
Imagine that you have to negotiate terms of use for each single  
sequence that you utilize (let us say when you Blast a sequence) with  
the country that provided the GR from which the sequence was derived!

What is at stake? The free and open access to the public sequence data  
repositories and the information therein. That is what is at stake.

All these aspects are going to be discussed in the next conference of  
the parties of the CBD, COP15, in China this October. In this context,  
and knowing that the approval of the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity  
Framework could depend on this DSI issue, a group of scientists lead  
by the Leibniz Institute in Germany have written a 2 page red lines  
paper, presenting the position of the DSI practitioning scientists, so  
our EU politicians defend it in negotiations in October.

Hereby, as participant in the drafting of the paper and as member of  
EOSC-Life WP4, I share with you the last version of the paper together  
with information about how to add your signature in case of  
considering it convenient (see e-mail bellow).

Best wishes

IBON Cancio
Associate Professor in Cell Biology
University of the Basque Country

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Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for patience in waiting for an update on the DSI EU position  
paper. We received quite a bit of feedback which took awhile to  
incorporate. Most importantly, a former policymaker strongly suggested  
we shorten the document, make the recommendations clear, and bring  
them to the top of the document. We hope these changes meet with your  
approval and still represent our discussion in May.

In the interim, we have learned that the EU Commission and Member  
States will meet to discuss DSI on July 15. The time for our position  
paper is now!

  * If you wish, *please add your signature by July 9 *via google forms:
  * Please *share this document with national and EU colleagues and
    networks *as widely as possible.
  * If possible, *translate the document *into your national language
    and we will attach it to the final version.

Finally, a special thanks in finalizing this document goes out to Dirk  
Neumann, Nike Sommerwerk, Rodrigo Sara, and Angela Grosse!

With warm regards,


PS -- If you had already added your signature, please add again in the  
link so it is all in one place.

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