[Eosc-life-wp9] EOSC-Life WP9 TC - next call cancelled

Gabriella Rustici gr231 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Sep 9 12:00:15 BST 2019

Dear all,

Just a quick message to indicate that, due to the overlap with the EOSC-Life WPL call, we are cancelling the next WP9 TC, on Friday Sep 13th.

The next call will be on Friday August 27th



From: Rebecca Ludwig <rebeccaludwig at eatris.eu>
Date: Wednesday, 7 August 2019 at 14:12
To: Gabriella Rustici <gr231 at cam.ac.uk>, Jean-Karim Heriche <jeankarim.heriche at embl.de>, Antjie Keppler <keppler at embl.de>, Frauke Leitner <frauke.leitner at embl.de>, Vera Matser <matser at ebi.ac.uk>, Cath Brooksbank <cath at ebi.ac.uk>, Sarah Morgan <sarahm at ebi.ac.uk>, Alexey Kolodkin <alexeykolodkin at gmail.com>, Chris Lawerenz <c.lawerenz at dkfz-heidelberg.de>, "Scholtens, S [lifelines]" <s.scholtens at umcg.nl>, Celia van Gelder <celia.van.gelder at dtls.nl>, Claudia Alen Amaro <claudia at instruct-eric.eu>, Natalie Haley <natalie at instruct-eric.eu>, "h.v.westerhoff at uva.nl" <h.v.westerhoff at uva.nl>, Tim Deprez <Tim.Deprez at UGent.be>, Pasi Kankaanpää <pkankaan at abo.fi>, 'Katrina Exter' <katrina.exter at vliz.be>, Kim Gurwitz <ktg27 at cam.ac.uk>
Cc: Rebecca Ludwig <rebeccaludwig at eatris.eu>, "eosc-life-wp9 at elixir-europe.org" <eosc-life-wp9 at elixir-europe.org>
Subject: EOSC-Life WP9 minutes, action: add availability for workshop in doodle

Dear WP9 members,

Here is the link <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GF4c_Nv9Jgc3FEuB14shSB3B_nj83L5sBbRgJARqDCg/edit?usp=sharing> to the minutes of our WP9 TC. Please remember your action to enter your availability for a WP9 face-to-face workshop in Jan/Feb here<https://doodle.com/poll/ig2mbht5t3rut8zr>.
Please note that there will be no TC on 16 August. The next WP9 TC will take place on 30 August.


P.S. We experienced some problems with the WP9 mailing list so we included your individual email addresses in addition to the WP9 list. In case you receive this email only once, please let us

[Image removed by sender.]<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GF4c_Nv9Jgc3FEuB14shSB3B_nj83L5sBbRgJARqDCg/edit>
TC02.08.19 minutes EOSC-Life WP9<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GF4c_Nv9Jgc3FEuB14shSB3B_nj83L5sBbRgJARqDCg/edit>
EOSC-Life WP9 Teleconference Friday, August 2nd, 10 AM (GMT) / 11 AM (CET). Join Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/553716473 Attending: Gabriella Rustici Jean-Karim Heriche Antje Keppler Frauke Leitner Rebecca Ludwig Apologies: Vera Matser Cath Brooksbank Sarah Morgan Alexey Kolodkin Christ...

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